March 31, 2022  On Writing Memoir, sponsored by the Writing Programs and Office of Quaker Affairs at Haverford College.

Lori L. Tharps, author of the memoir Kinky Gazpacho, spoke with me from Spain in a spirited and free-ranging conversation about the craft of writing memoir, focusing in particular on These Walls Between Us. You can watch it here.


March 22, 2022  Book Movement “Virtual Launch” 

Pauline Hubert, President of Book Movement, interviewed me for representatives of nearly 100 book groups considering whether to read These Walls Between Us. You can watch it here.


March 21, 2022 These Walls Between Us Book Talk hosted by the Haverford College Library and Office of Quaker Affairs.

Theresa Tensuan, Advising Dean and Writing Teacher at Haverford College, engaged Mary Norman and myself in conversation with searching questions and reflections. You can watch it here.

Nov 29, 2021  Dreamleapers II with Harriette Cole for WBAI/Pacifica Radio

Ms. Cole interviewed Mary Norman and myself for a special session of Dreamleapers, another beautiful meeting of minds and hearts. You can watch it here.  (Access Passcode: n*r+r7AE)


November 16,  2021  Interview with host Shelagh Shapiro on her podcast “Write the Book: Conversations on Craft.”

Listen to the Apple podcast here.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify here.

Listen to the podcast on Podbean here.

October 28,  2021 “Dreamleapers” with Harriette Cole for WBAI/Pacifica Radio

I was delighted to find that host Harriette Cole had read These Walls Between Us cover to cover and loves the book. We had a lively and wide-ranging conversation, a great meeting of minds and hearts.  You can watch it here.

October 25, 2021 "All Together Williamsburg"

At this zoom gathering for community education in Williamsburg VA, a local writer interviewed Ms. Mary Norman and myself about our friendship and the co-creation of These Walls Between Us. You can watch it here.

October 8, 2021 "How Not to be Racist: One Woman's Journey"

Barbara Hamm Lee hosts a weekly call-in show on Virginia NPR with a focus on African American concerns.  She and I spoke for nearly an hour. Listen on Apple Podcasts here.


October 5, 2021 These Walls Between Us Launch

At the launch of These Walls Between Us at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, MA, Brian Corr, director of the Cambridge Peace Commission, engaged Wendy in a searching conversation about friendship across race and class, and fielded probing questions from among the 250 attendees. You can watch the Crowdcast here.

October 5, 2021 Amazon Live with Cyrus Webb

Cyrus Webb, one of Amazon’s “top 500” reviewers, gave These Walls Between Us a five star rating on Amazon, and hosted me on his live show.  You can watch it here.

September 28, 2021  Interview with host Mark Judkins Helpsmeet for “Spirit in Action” on  Northern Spirit Radio. You can watch it here.